Alexandre Ervinton


Chicken ’N The Egg was pretty good. Like they’ve stated in previous reviews, this is the same staff/management from when the were IHOP. Now they are a locally owned business that has a well trained staff lol.

The restaurant was very clean, staff wore masks. My waitress Michaela, was fantastic. I got the steak tips and eggs. She stated that the ingredients are a better quality then what IHOP supplied but it did taste pretty close. The steak felt more lean but still juicy.

I will eat here again.

Alexandre Ervinton, October 27th, 2020

Alexandre Ervinton2021-01-23T11:45:14-05:00

Devon Blackmon


This is my first time making a post on this page but with the fantastic experience I had today at Chicken ’N The Egg on Pensacola Blvd, I couldn’t let this review go unknown.

Here’s a back story, my grandmother’s house caught fire. My dad came into town from Jacksonville FL and asked me to come help him out with fixing the damages done to my grandma’s house. Being heartbroken about that and also not knowing the financial outcome that she would endure, my dad brightened up the visit by asking me to meet him for breakfast. I was happy because I live along and being able to spend time with him always makes my heart melt. I walked into this restaurant for the first time ever and was greeted by the warm, comforting smell of breakfast and smiling faces from the entire staff. I embraced my dad and we sat down to eat. I ordered the southern omelet and pancakes with strawberries and whip cream. I took my first bite of the omelet and instantly closed my eyes. Every single worry went away. Every feeling of despair, everything that I felt prior to sitting at that table to eat, instantly went away. I felt as though I was served a plate from my own grandma’s kitchen.

Devon Blackmon, October 24th, 2020

Devon Blackmon2020-10-27T20:43:41-05:00

Sarah Allison


Someone in this group recommended Chicken ’N The Egg Pensacola and I wanted to reiterate. It’s worth every penny. The food is amazing and the staff is even better. If you haven’t tried it, give it a shot!

Sarah Allison, October 12th, 2020

Sarah Allison2021-01-23T11:49:15-05:00

Tammy Camacho


While getting my truck serviced, we went down the road to Chicken ’N The Egg. First time visiting since it replaced the old shop. Place was bright and open, service was excellent (shout out to Jasmine!) and the food was really good! I got the chicken and waffles. Simple and well seasoned. She suggested to try their mango habanero sauce which went well with the chicken.

Build your own breakfast was a good deal too! The BF approved! He got a waffle, 2 eggs, 2 bacon, and breakfast potatoes.

Tammy Camacho, September 5th, 2020

Tammy Camacho2021-01-23T11:50:53-05:00

Sara D


The food here doesn’t taste like it was made in a fast food restaurant. It taste like mama used to cook it.

Sara D2021-01-23T21:56:33-05:00

Ginger M


Their chicken has to be some of the best I’ve ever had. You have to try these for yourself!

Ginger M2021-01-23T21:55:41-05:00

Brittney C


Can’t recommend Chicken ‘N The Egg enough! They’re my new go to restaurant.

Brittney C2021-01-23T21:55:25-05:00

John A


Brought a group of my friends over and we couldn’t believe how good the food was.

John A2021-01-23T21:55:58-05:00

Jenny B


The atmosphere is amazing and the food is phenomenal!

Jenny B2021-01-23T21:56:14-05:00

Hunter Lindsay


Visited Chicken ’N The Egg this morning. It is located where IHOP use to be on 29. I had already eaten half the country fried steak before I took this picture. It was quite delicious! According to our server, the owners are the same as when it was IHOP, but they franchised and started something new. The place looks much nicer….they’ve remodeled and everything looks very clean.

Hunter Lindsay, July 3rd, 2020

Hunter Lindsay2021-01-23T11:47:32-05:00
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