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Comments: Yes my husband and I decided to eat breakfast at your establishment today, 3wks post his total knee replacement. My husband ordered a pancake with his meal, I think our waitress’s name was Chrissy, she had green or hazel colored eyes, when we informed her that she forgot the pancake she claim just what my husband prior said what her response would be, “That’s why I rung up the ticket that way”, then she asked if he wanted she would still get his pancake, this is in fact after the entire breakfast had been consumed, my husband replied no, so I myself went to the counter to understand the bill, and then a lady explain to me that the extras on the hashbrowns is what made the bill what it was, I understood that but I let her know but my husband didn’t get the pancake that was printed on the ticket and in fact was what he asked for, so she took my 40.00 and said let me go talk to Chrissy, meanwhile I am seeing Chrissy, out on the floor waiting on other customers and the lady that took my monies was way in the back somewhere, I asked the other lady where was the lady with my monies, then the lady with the monies appeared from the back and I let her know I am ready to check, and she had no right to take my monies and just disappear, then she said don’t worry about the bill just leave, and don’t come back here no more, I clearly let her know my monies is not for her to just leave and not come back to address the problem, my money is my money, treat a customer with promptness and courtesy, especially if your handling my money.

With all that said I am sorry that Chrissy did not get the message to not cover yourself with an explaination of how you rung up a ticket, but please offer an apology for not honoring the order and all would have been okay. My husband and I are very good tip paying customers, it still hurts my feelings that this couldn’t have went any better. For the lady who said forget paying, I’d like her to know, getting something free is not the most valuable lesson here, the most valuable message is getting the younger generation to honor and respect what’s really at hand. An apology if far more that money can buy. Thank you to all that is concerned in this matter.

Topic: Loyalty Questions, Comments, or Concerns
Restaurant: Pensacola, FL
Receipt: I don’t have the receipt but the price wad $28.92 on November 15th 2020
Purpose: I Dined At Your Restaurant
First Name: Denitta
Last Name: Horne
Email Address: [email protected]
Address: 6505 Martin Road
City: Milton
State: Florida
Zipcode: 32570
Phone: 850-291-3441