Eating Out When You Have A Gluten Allergy

For those who deal with gluten sensitivity issues, eating out is pretty much a “no go”. While you would love to, there aren’t that many options available to you, making the night out a little bland (like most gluten-friendly options).

At the Chicken ‘N The Egg, we understand the need for gluten-friendly menu options. However, we also know that it has to taste great!

That’s why we spend a lot of our time looking for gluten-friendly options designed specifically for you while having the flavor you’ve missed for so long while dining out. Now, the question of where you’ll eat is simple – with us!


Our gluten-friendly items are not gluten-free as we cannot guarantee that they’ll meet the requirements since they are prepared in a kitchen that contains other gluten-containing foods.

For those who can tolerate some gluten, you’ll love our menu. Our goal is to feed you and your family with some of the highest-quality entrees you’ll ever eat. We try our best to accommodate everyone regardless of food allergies and sensitivities.

[images of gluten-friendly options]

Now that you know about our gluten-friendly options, it’s time to eat!

[image of staff ready and waiting for you]

Come on by, we’re ready for you.