This is my first time making a post on this page but with the fantastic experience I had today at Chicken ’N The Egg on Pensacola Blvd, I couldn’t let this review go unknown.

Here’s a back story, my grandmother’s house caught fire. My dad came into town from Jacksonville FL and asked me to come help him out with fixing the damages done to my grandma’s house. Being heartbroken about that and also not knowing the financial outcome that she would endure, my dad brightened up the visit by asking me to meet him for breakfast. I was happy because I live along and being able to spend time with him always makes my heart melt. I walked into this restaurant for the first time ever and was greeted by the warm, comforting smell of breakfast and smiling faces from the entire staff. I embraced my dad and we sat down to eat. I ordered the southern omelet and pancakes with strawberries and whip cream. I took my first bite of the omelet and instantly closed my eyes. Every single worry went away. Every feeling of despair, everything that I felt prior to sitting at that table to eat, instantly went away. I felt as though I was served a plate from my own grandma’s kitchen.

Devon Blackmon, October 24th, 2020