Healthy Restaurant Options When You Are In Fort Walton

Eating out is synonymous with unhealthy options…

Or is it?

At the Chicken ‘N The Egg, we’re dedicated to providing you with healthy options that will work for ANY diet. Whether you need to avoid carbs or you need a salad, we’ve got you covered. However, we go a step further in that we also have allergy-friendly and vegan-friendly options too!

Gluten-Friendly Restaurant Options

[images of gluten-friendly menu items]

Don’t suffer through another bland dinner at some other restaurant. Instead, come feast with us and enjoy a night with the family with food you actually want to eat. Our menu is full of gluten-friendly options and we’re adding more items every month.

Don’t let your allergies and/or sensitivities keep you trapped at the dinner table. Instead, break out of your allergen-box and enjoy some of the best food in Fort Walton!


Vegan-Friendly Restaurant Options

[images of vegan-friendly menu items]

For those who want and need a vegan-friendly meal, we’re ready to meet your needs. While not everything on our menu is vegan-friendly, there are plenty of options for you to choose from as you can see from the images above.

We are constantly looking for other entrees that are vegan-friendly so sign up for our email alerts so you’ll know when we have new vegan-friendly options that you might want to try.

Our Menu

[images of popular menu items]

Our menu is full of mouth-watering menu items that look great, taste great, and are perfect for any type of diet. We use only the highest-quality foods to give you the best eating experience possible. While other restaurants focus on mass-purchase suppliers, we look for suppliers that can meet our needs without sacrificing quality on any level.